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Sunday, 29 Mar 2015

After overpower a large part of Iraq land whose residents are Sunni, speculations about the future of the country and the establishment of Sunni region intensifies.

Meanwhile the positions and attitudes political meetings of Kurdistan region and authorities’ opinions got Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) neighbors after taking the full control of regions under conflict represent Kurds’ views for the changes, expectations and concerns ahead in the political future of Iraq. 

Kurds News Agency to analyze the recent changes of Iraq went after Nazem Dabbagh the Representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq in I.R of Iran and interviewed him. 

In response to a question Mr. Dabbagh described the current situation of Iraq, and that was how he introduced those regions including Mosul, a major part of Tekrit and Salaheddin occupied by ISIS. He continued to mention the areas released by security and army forces of Iraq and dPishmergas. ‘Right now (the moment interviewing ongoing) fighting is progressing’ he said. 

  He about the loss of security forces’ reaction in Mosul against ISIS terrorist said all their attacks to this town are suspicious and unclear. The forces surpassing 3000 overwhelmed the town he said. It was happened in the situation that nobody saw them. With only the slogan of “Run away, they come”, all people escaped. He added: ‘this attack was in advance planned and collaborated with the security forces of town’. Just within six hours the whole town was occupied by ISIS. 

In his view another reason of which town got occupied by ISIS was tribal combination. %99 of the two-million town are Sunni, furthermore the major elements of the army of Ba’ath Iraq are from this town and its tribes. That is why the same as Kurd rise People collaborated with ISIS in Mosul. 

In some areas also Pishmergas could take the control of regions from which Iraq army sit rear; and it cover the regions Khanegheyn, Jelola and Hamrin till Zakhu. I can say the borders of the regions stated in Article 140 are presently under the control of the Pishmerga forces. 


About being aware of security forces of Iraq of this attack, Kurd Press asked Dabbagh and he also answered the possible attack of ISIS from Syria land to Iraq have already been warned by major authorities of the KRG. Mentioning former warning by some people to Nuri Al-Maliki about some militaries joining Iraq Army he said some of these fellows were defeated, others escaped and the others joined ISIS.

Saturday, 28 Mar 2015

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran concerning the emergence and being strong of ISIS said: this terrorist group has not been generated for one month or so but it has resulted from an extreme percept within a century. The political and social record of ISIS cell dates back to the early years of World War II. 

At that time they appeared and emerged in Islamic lands as Arabian Mujahidin. Later in Afghanistan and Pakistan they changed to Al-Qaeda and Taliban and now supported by the regional Arabian countries their name changed to ISIS. In this way the more violence ideology and more Salafist percept of Islam substituted Al-Qaeda thoughts. All these ideologies have been injected to a great part of their fans by the regional country.

About the duration of ISIS’s survival Dabbagh said they have come to stay. Everybody witnessed that some experts’ analyses claiming ISIS would present for just a couple of months and then soon be vanished were incorrect. Concerning the region of Kubanie Dabbagh added that the region does matter to ISIS for by adding Kubanie to their possessions they join the regions of Iraq and Syria under their control. 


In addition their Logistic and economical will increase. Relation to Turkey’s role to fail to react them he criticized. He said it was expected that Turkey gave this chance to Kurds and Pishmerga to defend their land. But in addition to support ISIS spiritually and financially it in practice took more steps to block Kurdish forces. Concerning showing the images of Kubanian women to defend their city Dabbagh said: this case is not advert at all, although the number of men are great, there are lots of women as well. At last Dabbagh said soon Pishmerga accompanied by Iran will start a great operation to cripple ISIS in Iraq.

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of the KRG of Iraq in Iran, dealt with the resistance of Kubane people against ISIS forces.

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015

The representative of Kurdistan Region in the talk with Mehr news Agency began to describe the message of the travel of the chairman of the Parliament of Iran and analyzed the details of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and the last position of Kubani.

Thursday, 26 Feb 2015

 Dr. Zarif’s travel to Baghdad, Najaf and Kurdistan region of Iraq was for making continuation of the Iran and Iraq strategic relations. It is not the first time that the foreign minister has travelled to Iraq; but before the former foreign minister and vice-president of the Iran has travelled to the region and visited the authorities of KR. 

Thursday, 26 Feb 2015

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, in a note deals with the emergence and growth of ISIS. In his view ISIS is generated through strategic competence between the east and west. When Marxism and Liberalism were competing the Soviet Union attack Afghanistan which caused Islamic groups form universal groups. In this atmosphere Osama Bin Laden appeared and Wahhabi groups came to power in Afghanistan. The peak of their power was the terrorist attack to twin global trade towers. As America attack Iraq the Ba’ath began to oppose new Iraq. Some of them headed Syria government and it also employed them in order to accomplish their goals. 

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