ISIS is generated due to Interior Mistakes and the Differences between the West and East/ Nazem Dabbagh

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran, in a note deals with the emergence and growth of ISIS. In his view ISIS is generated through strategic competence between the east and west. When Marxism and Liberalism were competing the Soviet Union attack Afghanistan which caused Islamic groups form universal groups. In this atmosphere Osama Bin Laden appeared and Wahhabi groups came to power in Afghanistan. The peak of their power was the terrorist attack to twin global trade towers. As America attack Iraq the Ba’ath began to oppose new Iraq. Some of them headed Syria government and it also employed them in order to accomplish their goals. 

Dabbagh believes that the wrong political management in Iraq caused till Ba’ath and Wahhabi groups have grown so that the weaknesses of the central government to give serves to Sunni regions brought up oppositions of the people for times. Through these opposition Salafists took more advantages than others and absorbed many groups. 

In Syria employing individual policies and the actions of domestic opponents such as Ekhvanis and Salafis in Homs as well as Kurds whose its identity has not been taken for granted for many years, follows a wave of oppositions against Assad’s government. Following the occurred vacuum Takfiri groups took the most advantages and took more areas under their control. In these conditions Al-Qaeda of Iraq and former Ba’aths dispatched their supporters and concentrated their actions toward Syria and unified with the Arab opponents and put Kurds aside. After endless support for the Groups called opposition of Syria all these came to a great power in a way. Then it got clear that Salafi-takfiri separated from this frame and Syria free army began to weaken and the Al-Qaeda of Iraq and Ba’ath became more powerful and could take the control of the game field of Syria. After coming to power Salafis, Takfiris and a part of Syrian Ekhvan got unified and incorporated Islamic government of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 

ISIS plans is to incorporate Islamic government, to reject other ideas and ideologies and to announce others as infidel, to turn to terrorist actions and massacre the opponents. They advanced so fast that they could spread their actions to Iraq like Mosul, Tikrit and a part of Samarra, Kirkuk and Diyaleh and united many regions to Fallujah and Al-Anbar. The reason of their success was first the disability of Iraq army and Maleki who surely formed the army with the remains of Ba’ath. For this within a couple of hours nearly 100,000 Iraqi soldiers ran away and the region was under ISIS control but those regions protected by Pishmerga troops. 

Of course based on history the union of Ba’aths, Al-Qaeda, Salafi and Takfiri can be referred to Islamism school which since the corporation Ba’ath believed the unification of Syria, Iraq and Egypt, and even now after many years as the condition being prepared they tend to form Islamic government and to survive Islamic caliphate accordance with their thought and plan. 

ISIS is generated by who hated unified Iraq and powerful Kurds and Shia and thought of taking revenge; and at last began to attack and spread the borders under their control that I personally already in several interviews mentioned this that ISIS would attack Kurdistan and finally they did so.     


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