KRG envoy to Iran: KRG promises to close anti-Iran adversary groups bases

TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) – Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran has said that the Kurdish officials will seriously follow up on the end of activities of the anti-Iran adversary armed groups.

"It is not acceptable to us that the Kurdish opposition groups create troubles for Iran and the region, and if they continue their armed activities, we will take serious action this time," Nazem Dabbagh, the Representative of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran said on Sunday in an interview with an Iranian media outlet.

Dabbagh added that Iran and the KRG officials reached an agreement about strengthening border security.

"Three months ago and again about 20 days ago, the joint security committee held meetings in Erbil and Tehran, in which decisions were made about strengthening border security and it was emphasized that Iranian Kurdish opposition groups must not have armed or military training activities within the territory of the Kurdistan Region," the KRG representative added.

He went on to stress that "The Kurdish groups' bases in the KRG territory must be evacuated, and we are waiting for the implementation of this decision, but this issue is still being studied to decide whether only their bases on the shared borders should be evacuated, or the decision should include their bases that are there since Saddam regime's time to date."


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