Nazem Dabbagh Talk with Mehr News Agency: the Message of Larijani Trip to Iraq / the Details of Baghdad-Erbil Agreement and the Position of Kubani

The representative of Kurdistan Region in the talk with Mehr news Agency began to describe the message of the travel of the chairman of the Parliament of Iran and analyzed the details of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and the last position of Kubani.

  In a response to a question Nazem Dabbagh said that Larijani’s travel at this time included that I.R. of Iran always had an active presence in any conditions especially when danger threats the people of the Region. This travel insisted this point that Iraq is a country composed of Arabs and Kurds and this does not matter to Iran, thus Larijani traveled both to Baghdad and Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

 About the relations of KRG of Iraq with Turkey following the recent changes Dabbagh said: the geographical fact of Kurdistan region of Iraq requires that Erbil have relations with all the neighboring countries. One of those countries is Turkey whose relations have to be according to the preserve of bilateral interests and to constitute of the policy of KRG and Central Government of Baghdad. Inasmuch as there is a policy which is against the interests of the whole Iraq and KRG it will be failed.

 The representative of KRG of Iraq in a response to another question concerning the recent Baghdad-Erbil agreement said this agreement is being considered positive and it was the primary and we hope it will be performed in the future. According to this agreement the KRG of Iraq export 300 thousands oil barrel from Kirkuk and 250 thousands from other parts of the Region every day. Instead 17% of the following year of Iraq is assigned to Kurdistan. In addition Iraq government has devoted $1 billion dollars for Pishmerga forces. This is the first time that the expenditure of Pishmerga forces is formally undertaken by Iraq government.

 Furthermore about the position of Kubani he said before we were afraid of Kubani to fall but now the security position of the town is getting better day by day and recently the municipal of Kubani has got released from ISIS’s occupation. Now, 85% of Kubani is under the control of Pishmerga. Concerning the position of Shingal in Iraq I should say that in this region we witness the daily fighting between Pishmerga forces and ISIS. Resistance is continuing and we are hoping this region get purified from terrorists of ISIS fully.









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