Nazem Dabbagh Note for Shargh Press/ Iran’s Constructive Role in Iraq

 Dr. Zarif’s travel to Baghdad, Najaf and Kurdistan region of Iraq was for making continuation of the Iran and Iraq strategic relations. It is not the first time that the foreign minister has travelled to Iraq; but before the former foreign minister and vice-president of the Iran has travelled to the region and visited the authorities of KR. 

Naturally I.R.Iran considers Iraq and KR as important allies having brotherly and friendly continuing. This is interpreted as an historical accompaniment according to common benefits and security. Iran accompanied more than ever at the time of tough fighting of Iraqi different groups against the current dictator and Ba’ath party and did not begrudge any attempt to help Shia, Sunni and Kurds. 

Today that the danger of Takfiri and ISIS terrorist groups is felt more than before and the security of the region territorial integrity of some countries are aimed I.R of Iran’s help has increased and turned out to military aids. In this new situation that Kurdish pishmerga forces along with the Army and other Iraqi groups are fighting terrorists the type of communication matters double as much. In the yesterday common meeting of Mr. Barzani and Dr. Zarif, the president of the region emphasized that Iran has been one of those initial countries rushed to help the region in sensible conditions of the battle with ISIS and appreciated I.R of Iran due to the aids of this important country of the region in a special letter on the behalf of the president. The common historical and tribal benefits and ties between Iran and Kurdistan region of Iraq undoubtedly affect and will affect on the strength of present and following relations. 

The point that should remembered here is that I insisted in my talks with Iranian and foreign Medias undoubtedly KRG knows itself to be commitment to sustain the territorial integrity and national security of Iraq therefore this is bilateral relation and it is expected that all official authorities and powers with focus on the constitutes get to be obedient to comprehensive collaboration of the region in different processes. The foreign minister of Iran also approved Iran’s support from the being carried out of the agreements between central government and KRG of Iraq yesterday. 

Today that in national level changes have occurred among authorities it is expected by all groups that national management thought of Iraq will change. After Saddam’s fall Ayad Alavi, Ibrahim Jafari, Nuri Maliki and now Haydar AL-Ebadi have taken over the responsibility of the prime ministry thus going and coming in responsibilities is a natural work. Whatsoever upon this matter is important is the correction of wrong policies of political actors and strengthen the weaknesses. It has repeatedly been emphasized by experts that the emergence of the phenomena of ISIS Takfiri terrorism results from some discriminations and insularity to apply all national forces aside from tribe, race and religion in administrative responsibilities. 

This matter even has caused some respected and honor moves of Shia have dissatisfied with the way of last government and other groups cooperation. Now we expect with new collaborations new thought will lead to conduct the constitution focusing on national unity and to from a comprehensive and organized government to prevent terrorism from rooting. Recently the meetings of Kurdistan representatives with Shia and the prime minister personally coalition has been held and we are optimistic to Iraq’s future. The constructive and effective role of Iran to make cohesion all Iraq’s groups undoubtedly lead to accelerate the reconstructive process of Iraq.




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