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Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015


Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Tehran talking with the reporter of international group of Ana News Agency about the turkey’s attack to P.K.K in Dohuk Province of Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Turkish fighters’ army said: unfortunately it is true, and has caused to kill a number of this group. He continued: due to bombing the positions of P.K.K, Turkey has again made a gap in the process of cease-fire and reconciliation between this group and the government of this country. In my view this strike was great obstruction of peace negotiations. He added: I believe that turkey must not begin to strike P.K.K to solve its problem with this group since it leads no accomplishment but to aggravate the situation. Dabbagh said: as of a yet for a difference of opinion among Turkish authorities and P.K.K in the process of peace there has been disarray, now army attack and bombing the positions of this group by Turkey fighters will absolutely end the negotiations of peace and reconciliation. At the end he said of making call of some KRG authorities with Turkey about bombing P.K.K positions.


News Network of Rudaw, according to eyewitnesses, reported: following these severe bombing four numbers of P.K.K died and the residents of the region abandoned their homes and in a talk a source said PUK media that ten more members of this group injured. The media relating to this group announced that the Turkey army has begun to attack Zaab, Haftanin and Avashin and P.K.K has reacted these strikes.

This is while between Turkey and P.K.K during last two years there was cease-fire and peace negotiations, but P.K.K charged Turkey for dillydallying and killing time in negotiations and political exploitation of it, furthermore Turkish government charged this group to misuse the government operations of peace and started to strike P.K.K positions.   


Tuesday, 18 Aug 2015


In response to a question about predicting and analyzing the current conditions in Iraq and Syria, Dabbagh said: every war will finally end and be followed by peace. It cannot be said that a war will continue forever. However to end this hostility groundwork should be laid. Presently reasons causing these conflicts in the region have to be removed until this fighting ends. The reasons are: the benefits of great countries, religion affairs and the countries seeking their benefits through these tenseness’. Relating to Turkey changing its positions against ISIS Dabbagh said: some countries including Turkey on the pretext of supporting opposition of Syria against Bashar Assad have fallen into ISIS’s well. Unlike what Turkey predicted Bashar Assad’s regime not only did not fall in 10 days but it also has resisted for four years. In such conditions Turkey has tried to impose its idea but has failed as of a yet. Now this is Kurds like P.K.K and PYD have shown more resistance against ISIS. Dabbagh added that we should not begin to take revenge from this or that group, but real forces of Shia, Sunni and Kurds have to try to gain their lost rights. Dabbagh said that the war will end and the foreign countries will rush to rebuild the region; and we have to try this process to be managed by politician and leaders.


Concerning this claim that to resist against ISIS Kurds are looking for autonomy Dabbagh said: after World War I, Kurds have been divided in Iran, Syria and Iraq. The historical truth is that Iran has been Kurds’ main homeland. During Iran-Ottoman war Kurds presented in both sides and fought along with their country’s force. After Iraq and Syria had formed a part of Kurdistan was given to Iraq and another part to Iran, Turkey and Syria. The reason Kurds fighting central government has been for their violated rights. If it does not reach its right it will resist. In new Iraq the most important factor making both dictator fall and new Iraq form was Kurds. At the time of Saddam Hussein the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was separated and was given budget by the UN. For instance, the oil of Kirkuk which was pleasure to Kurds during history changed to their misery. Iraq, Turkey and Syria have always considered it allowable to be unfair against Kurds and they have had to resist to and fight to gain their right during the history. Presently Ayatollah Sistani have supported and astonished Kurds and the leader of Kurd, Jalal Talibani. Ayatollah Sistani also said: whoever takes over the leadership of Kurds, Iraq must accept it. In Iran the conditions for Kurds are different. In Iraq, Syria and Turkey Kurds do not want their rights more than what is specified in the constitution and governments has to admit this.

About I.R. of Iran Dabbagh said: Islamic revolution was a positive point for us since one of the enemies of Kurds was former Shah of Iran. After Islamic revolution’s victory, Iran has turned out to be a strong and safe shelter Iraqi Kurds and poor people of Iraq. Indeed it is a shelter for Iraqi fighters. Generally speaking I deem Islamic revolution as an event of the century. We Kurds owe to Iran, for Iran’s support has helped Kurds to be strengthened. About imperialism Dabbagh said it is we that lay the ground for them to penetration. About how to establish security in Iraq, the most strategy is to strengthen the unity, Dabbagh said. To justify this claim he mentioned the historical witnesses at the time of Saddam and occupying Mosul just by ISIS’ 300-400 forces.                    



Thursday, 13 Aug 2015


Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran, about our country appreciating Iran’s positions said: the role of Iran in fighting terrorists has been positive and active. The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran in talk with the News Agency of the second international of congress of 17000 martyrs of terror, astonishing the hold of this international congress said: the hold of such congress has always been beneficial to more convergence of these attitudes and specially appreciating victims and injuries.

Mentioning the necessity and cooperative of regional countries to confront with the threat of terrorism Dabbagh said: terrorism presently is not a threat to only a system or country but to all the region and world; thus these threats make it necessary more than ever.

He added: a logical understanding of this matter that terrorism threatens all of us and of that we do not have to deal with it according to our special benefit the only way is to make all attempts convergent against terrorism. In a response to a question based on what actions KRG took to restore Kurds’ rights who were sacrificed to Saddam and Monafeghin’s crimes Dabbagh said: KRG has tried to put the massacre of Kurds and their being aimed by terrorism continuously in international meetings. Knowing the countries’ behavior claiming to fight against terrorism twofold and some other countries’ help so little Dabbagh appreciated Iran’s role and said: as of a yet we have observed positive active role of I.R. of Iran in fighting terrorism and Iraq government and the Region have also insisted on. We appreciate Iran’s help to Iraqi and Kurdsih people.

Finally while knowing the role of Moneafeghin terrorist cell unimportant in the current atmosphere of Iraq Dabbagh said: this cell are not effective in Iraq as before, in addition Kurds condemned their criminal operations against Kurdish nation when this groups established near the border of KR, they insist on their rights and follow them.            

Monday, 10 Aug 2015



The meeting of tourism of travel agencies of Kurdistan Region (KR) and Iran has been held with presence of Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran, Mulavi Jabbar Vahhab and a number of travel and tourism agencies of KR and Iran in the Hall of Tehran Azadi Hotel.

In that meeting, Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Tehran Said: it is the time to be happy that between the tourism system of KR and I.R. Iran is a meeting being held like this. After mentioning the cultures and historical commons and being adjacent of Iran and KR of Iraq, Dabbagh indicated the presence of security and establishing a situation in order to improve the presence of Iran in tourism industry of KR as the potentials of developing cooperation in this field and said that it is possible to really improve it through relying upon and trusting friends like you.     

Simplifying serving passports to Iranian tourists wishing to travel to KR is one of the strategies in the field of improving the tourism industry between both sides, Dabbagh mentioned. He requested Iranian side to prepare facilities in this field for tourists wishing to travel Iran.    



Monday, 10 Aug 2015


Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran in Shargh annual meeting accompanied by Seyyed Ali Mujani (Iraq History Researcher), and Abbasali Mansuri Arani (a member of National Security Commision of Islamic Parliament of Iran) presented to discuss about the depth of Iran strategic.

Nazem Dabbagh, concerning the result of security shared concerns and historical-cultural joints and their reflection upon Iran’s place in Iraq, said: its root has to be observed in Iraq formation. To form this country, pieces of Iran, Turkey and Arabian lands got separated. This has caused many unsolved problems. Thus in my opinion Iran’s strategy’s in the region requires more study for the future, because in Iraq there are religious and tribal agitation. It can likely be said that is why there is a phenomena named ISIS affecting whole region; Iran, Iraq and Turkey’s security are conducted.

He mentioned Turk’s support form Sunni of Iraq which caused ISIS. From this point of view, in this crisis all players considered their benefits, however, Iran’s security is the region’s and contra versa, since countries’ security are interweaved. He insisted that firstly unity should not be destroyed in Iraq; secondly we have to be allied so that Shia can get stronger.

Following Mujani and Arani Dabbagh said: I believe that Iran has both influence and presence in Iraq. In his opinion policy comes out from oil pipelines thus economy, policy and security are interrelated. He said: I repeatedly stated that Turkey’s attitude toward Iraq is economic through which it wants to provide its benefits by economy.

Iran, according to religion, economy and security has to take such an action that it takes advantage of all these competences. In an answer to a question he replied that: the security is shared. In general if security is not established in Iran, insecurity will influence Iraq and contra versa. Similarly, if security is not established in Iraq, it will influence Syria.


Somewhere else Dabbagh said: Associated Press asked me about Iran’s presence I replied what right does USA have more than Iran as an Iraq’s neighbor? History has proved that you have come several times and gone, but Iran has remained and is presence from Shingal to Basra. We always say if Iran had not been, Baghdad would have fallen and Iraqis been homeless . . . . . since we altogether can protect security. Dabbagh stated: I want sincerity and friendship of I.R of Iran already offered to be continued and to be enjoyed. How to enjoy? I mean both our friend ship is preserved and our future is guaranteed. Dabbagh said: we have to pass some cases and do not sacrifice minor concerns to major ones. If we do not study past and present conditions perfectly, we will not be able to draw the future. 

Monday, 10 Aug 2015

Diplomacy Irani: the Congress of America has recently passed the draft of the project of arming Pishmerga and Sunni group of Iraq which has created a big fuss. According to this project American government establish a direct connection with Kurds and Iraqi tribes and arm them. The Prime Minister of Iraq has insisted on opposing the project of America Congress arming directly Pishmerga and Sunni tribes. Concerning this we had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region in Tehran of which the main points as followed:

In Dabbagh’s point of view this project is being considered through both Kurdish and legal aspects. Firstly, if central government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution in order to support Pishmerga to confront ISIS, there will be no need for such project from America. Secondly, in that project the Congress has made some conditions to deliver military aids to KRG including that these aids will be delivered by central government of Iraq, then if central government or Sunni groups do not help Pishmerga to confront ISIS, the military aids will be delivered directly. However in this project it has insisted that delivering the military aids to KRG do not need be effective on the concern of separating Iraq. Concerning the negative reaction of the central government of Iraq to this project Dabbagh said: it seems Iraqi government has been involved in suspicion. If not so, the pass of such project in congress would not have encountered their reaction. All of us even America are in the same position of fighting ISIS. If Iraq government trusted KRG, it instead of a negative reaction would have to declare that we were all Iraqi and united and Pishmerga was a part of defensive forces of Iraq. Thus, Dabbagh’s estimating is that this action of America for directly arming Kurdistan and Sunni tribes of Iraq is to strengthen his effect and presence in the region. Relating the effect of America’s action on the military cooperation of Iran and USA to fight against ISIS Dabbagh said: it seems that after Iran and USA’s closeness in nuclear case, the conditions have happened in a way that the closeness of Tehran-Washington gets more. Of course, the being conditioned of the Congress’s project should be considered specially, and if the government of Iraq is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need for direct aid of America to Pishmerga.                


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