Nazem Dabbagh: the end of peace negotiations through bombing P.K.K positions/ Call of the president of KRG to Turkey Authorities


Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Tehran talking with the reporter of international group of Ana News Agency about the turkey’s attack to P.K.K in Dohuk Province of Kurdistan Region of Iraq by Turkish fighters’ army said: unfortunately it is true, and has caused to kill a number of this group. He continued: due to bombing the positions of P.K.K, Turkey has again made a gap in the process of cease-fire and reconciliation between this group and the government of this country. In my view this strike was great obstruction of peace negotiations. He added: I believe that turkey must not begin to strike P.K.K to solve its problem with this group since it leads no accomplishment but to aggravate the situation. Dabbagh said: as of a yet for a difference of opinion among Turkish authorities and P.K.K in the process of peace there has been disarray, now army attack and bombing the positions of this group by Turkey fighters will absolutely end the negotiations of peace and reconciliation. At the end he said of making call of some KRG authorities with Turkey about bombing P.K.K positions.


News Network of Rudaw, according to eyewitnesses, reported: following these severe bombing four numbers of P.K.K died and the residents of the region abandoned their homes and in a talk a source said PUK media that ten more members of this group injured. The media relating to this group announced that the Turkey army has begun to attack Zaab, Haftanin and Avashin and P.K.K has reacted these strikes.

This is while between Turkey and P.K.K during last two years there was cease-fire and peace negotiations, but P.K.K charged Turkey for dillydallying and killing time in negotiations and political exploitation of it, furthermore Turkish government charged this group to misuse the government operations of peace and started to strike P.K.K positions.   


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