Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran, about our country appreciating Iran’s positions said: the role of Iran in fighting terrorists has been positive and active. The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran in talk with the News Agency of the second international of congress of 17000 martyrs of terror, astonishing the hold of this international congress said: the hold of such congress has always been beneficial to more convergence of these attitudes and specially appreciating victims and injuries.

Mentioning the necessity and cooperative of regional countries to confront with the threat of terrorism Dabbagh said: terrorism presently is not a threat to only a system or country but to all the region and world; thus these threats make it necessary more than ever.

He added: a logical understanding of this matter that terrorism threatens all of us and of that we do not have to deal with it according to our special benefit the only way is to make all attempts convergent against terrorism. In a response to a question based on what actions KRG took to restore Kurds’ rights who were sacrificed to Saddam and Monafeghin’s crimes Dabbagh said: KRG has tried to put the massacre of Kurds and their being aimed by terrorism continuously in international meetings. Knowing the countries’ behavior claiming to fight against terrorism twofold and some other countries’ help so little Dabbagh appreciated Iran’s role and said: as of a yet we have observed positive active role of I.R. of Iran in fighting terrorism and Iraq government and the Region have also insisted on. We appreciate Iran’s help to Iraqi and Kurdsih people.

Finally while knowing the role of Moneafeghin terrorist cell unimportant in the current atmosphere of Iraq Dabbagh said: this cell are not effective in Iraq as before, in addition Kurds condemned their criminal operations against Kurdish nation when this groups established near the border of KR, they insist on their rights and follow them.            

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