Italian News Agency (Notizie Geopolitiche) Talk with Nazem Dabbagh

Italian News Agency carried out a talk with Nazem Dabbagh of which main points follow. Before answering the questions he declared: I, Nazem Dabbagh,am on my behalf not Representation of Kurdistan Region Government, put my views.

About the presidency of the Region Nazem Dabbagh Said: this has two sides, one is the reformation and the rules of Regional presidency, and another is the extension of the presidency of the Region for one extra round. He added that in September 17, 2015 two suggestions were offered Mr. Barezani and Democrat party on the behalf of four other parties of the Region about which Democrat Party will reveal his opinion. Another issue is whether Mr. Barezani can be candidate for presidency or not.

In a response to another question concerning the position of Islamic Republic of Iran about Iraq and the Region, Mr. Dabbagh said: I.R. of Iran’s view- Haj Qassem Soleimani was that the security and peace of Iraq and Kurdistan Region matter to Iran and it requires to be protected. That is why to solve interior problems of the Region and the concerns among parties is necessary and important. He went on: Iran believes that trough respecting each other it is possible to reach agreement and it disagrees to impose and force one by another. Coalition government needs agreement, Iranians has not reached to a point yet to support a special side. At last Iranian delegations were just listeners, and insisted on their views to solve the problems through agreement and agree with unity of Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

Relating to Kurds of Turkey Dabbagh stated: it is evident that Turkish Kurds is a part of Turkey now, and it is several years that armed fighting has begun, and at several times, especially at the time of Turgot Ouzal and Mam Jalal Talibani, for the first time the process of peace and peacefully solving the concerns between Kurds and Turkey was put. Of course, since 1986 up to now, more than 25 armed strikes have been conducted from Turkey Army against P.K.K. and Kurds. As a result of that, three years ago peace process according to set of promises and threats which Erdogan made to Kurds and Masoud Barezani and mam Jalal Talibani supported it got started. He added: I personally condemn the killing of polices and the massacre of Sorouc. He who decided to start a nationwide war was Erdogan and Turkey not Turkish Kurds. He continued: some have put phrases that they would not give up until they vanished P.K.K. Former Iraqi’s regimes also said such sayings, until the great defeat happened as a result of Al-Geria Agreement. All Kurds put their guns down and many got homeless. We witnessed Mam Jalal and Kak Masoud, which Iraqis land and water were called illegal to them, continued fighting. One grew the President of Iraq and the other the president of Kurdistan Region.

About the relations of some countries with Patriotic Unity of Kurdistan he stated: I believe that these relations is natural provided that interior regulations and the Constitution are respected. These relations are not just limited to Patriotic of Kurdistan, so do many organizations and parties of Kurds, Syria and Turkey. Thus he insisted that this must not lead to penetrate into interior affairs.

another concern by Dabbagh was to strength HDP party and those agreeing with the agreement in Turkey followed by the recent changes of Erdogan Government, to establish Kurdish-Syrian party offices in Erbil, Soleimanieh and Dohuk, the role of Patriotic Unity about peace, PYD’s right to establish relation with other countries, the possibility to unify Kurds and be supported by great powers, inefficiency of building border wall in order to prevent Kurdish refugees to Turkey, necessity of noticing refugees’ needs and finally the unity of Pishmerga and to create unity in parties and Kurdish groups.   




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