Kurds Press/ Nazem Dabbagh the official representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in Iran through an interview with Kurdish news site, Avineh, answered some questions relating about current concerns of the Region especially the position of the presidency of Kurdistan which has turned out to be a crisis in the Region for it is approaching to the end of Mr. Barezani’s presidency period, and Iran’s role in these changes as followed:

Relating to the rumors about the role of General Qassem Soleimani to extend the presidency of the Region for another two years Dabbagh claimed to be ignorant of that. Concerning with type of Iran’s interfere in ISIS concern Dabbagh continued: Iran’s policy is relied on supporting the union and correlation of political movements of the Kurdish Region and helping solve the problems and differences. It desires to deal with the problems according to rules of the Region, but I have no more information about its details.

About the positions of Dr. Reza Amiri Moghaddam, the Middle East general manager of national security supreme council of Iran expressed at the presence of Dabbagh and the officials of the Region he said: the meeting in which I presented I noticed that Iran’s view toward the presidency of the Region is that the presidency concern should be solves with the participation and presence of parties and through talking as the Regional Government.

He added: in all meeting and conventions I did not present but in Dr. Ahmadi Moghaddam’s. Iran desires important problems should be solves with cooperate of all parties of the Kurdistan Region. In addition Dabbagh considered the common positions of Patriotic Union, Islamic Union (Guran) and Islamic Group (Komel) to get together effective and said what is said about Iran’s role about this is just rumor.


The reporter of Avineh asked Mr. Dabbagh: Does Iran, in your opinion, have an active present by August 20 to prevent unrest and challenges in the Region?’, Dabbagh replied: now if any unrest and tension occurs in the Region, it will affect Iran and Turkey, in spite of not having detailed information about this, however, I know that after its agreement with 5+1 Iran is trying to act according to plan in order to meet its goals of the agreement; and all countries that were Iran’s allies at tough and hard times have to remain as friends. Iran also has to be their ally as the peace time which Kurds is one of them that during its fighting and being homeless have kept pace with Iran. For this the true policy between Iran and Kurds is that the problems remove. For calmness and stability of the region I.R. of Iran is trying, otherwise why does America agree with Iran and does Iran? All these reasons will lead to stability and agreement. 

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