Nazem Dabbagh in Talk with Jame Jam Press: what are the aims of America to Disintegration of Iraq?

Raymond Adorno, the head of command headquarters of land forces of America army has recently said that the Disintegration of Iraq is the only solution to end the crisis in this country. The reporter of Jame Jam Press, relating this, had an interview with Mr. Dabbagh the representative of KRG in Iran of which as followed:


General Raymond Adorno, the head of command headquarter of land forces of America Army has announced disintegration is the only solution to accomplish the rapprochement between Shia and Sunni. Why has this put againnow?

It is long time that the disintegration of Iraq has been being put in Medias, but I think it should be done by people and organizations’ satisfaction. To do so, Kurds, Arabians, Shia and Sunni have to make a decision that nobody has the right to give any ideas about this from out of the country. America thinks if Iraq get disintegration, the people of each part can fight better with ISIS and combat this terrorist groups, however, the disintegration of Iraq and the security concerns of the region relate to just Iraqis.  


Can we say that America seek to disintegration of Iraq?

I can’t say with bluntness that America are looking for disintegration of Iraq, but after World War I and the fall of Ottoman government, the region got separated. In fact America is seeking to preserve its benefits, and go to everywhere that it has benefited.


Do Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Zionist Regime seek to disintegration of Iraq to penetrate this country and they want no strong central government to present?

I cannot say that Turkey and Arabia are looking for disintegration of Iraq, but is Zionist region to supply its benefits followed the disintegration of Arabian regions and the Middle East. In my opinion if central government is their ideal, they will not have any problem; since they want Sunni to overcome Iraq as at Saddam Hussein time, but when they see that Kurds share the destination of Iraq this is tough for them.


Has the betrayal of some inner groups to take ISIS not been an artificial work to make Iraq disintegrated?

The betrayal of this people causing ISIS to overcome the region and Kurdistan, was the betrayal against humanity and Islam, and I dare to say that Kurds has performed better to fight against ISIS.


What is the phase of ISIS position and of fighting it?

Sunni has cooperated ISIS to a high extent, and this has caused that fighting against this group has got more difficult. Of course the position of ISIS in the regions of Kurdistan is not good, for %95 of the regions occupied by this terrorist group has been freed. ISIS present more in Falluja and Al-Anbar the Army of America and Iraq has not been able to have an outcome in these regions yet; however the second stage of freeing Al-Anbar has started.


Why do Iraqis opposite to corruption in their country?

Nobody dares to be opponent to reformation and fighting against corruption in Iraq; of course this is a fact that these attempts are made to act to decrease the authorities of one side and one’s domination on others. Many interpret these attempts as coup, but I personally support reformations.


What can government do about this?

If government has a complete cooperation with political groups in Iraq, it can fight against corruption. This matter is not limited to fire just few authorities or remove the deputies of the President but the government has to monitor the ministries more which are given great budgets, like electricity, commercial, health ministry and municipal which have to offer more services to people.  


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