Nazem Dabbagh Talk with Fars: We prefer Iran to be Forerunner to fight against ISIS

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan region of Iraq in Tehran pointing out that Kurds believe to halt ISIS to grow in the region said: we prefer our friends (Iran) to be the forerunner of this.

 Nazem Dabbagh the representative KRG in Iran talking with foreign policy and international reporter of Fars News Agency concerning the formation of a real coalition against ISIS said: to attack ISIS as a terrorist group is a general benefit. If these happens any point in the world, it will be good. In my opinion the difference between powers causes ISIS to penetrate deeper in the region. It is no different which the leader of the fighting against ISIS is America, Iran, Kurd or Arab. Their complete destruction is only important. He reminded: Kurds have tribal and geographical considerations in common and is close to this country and it is unchangeable. According to the close relationship with I.R of Iran we welcome this that I.R. of Iran takes more actions against ISIS. In current situations we support to attach ISIS and this is not different, and we have always emphasized that there is a good relation between Iran and Kurdistan Region and we witnessed this in Mr. Zarif news meeting when he was in Erbil concerning how to have bilateral cooperation.

He stated: what I am asking is that not to let these differences on concerns in the region causes ISIS grow. I prefer our friends (Iran) to be forerunner of this. There are Ba’ath and other group grown by Takfiri and it was they who created the Syrian and Iraqi government. Nazem Dabbagh also pointed out at the end: maybe now we witness them weakening but we get carless this weakness causes them to grow. I.R. of Iran, Europe and America have to do something till ISIS get destructed but weakened.  



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