Nazem Dabbagh in a Talk with Asia Press: Today the Oil Map Has lied on Kurdistan Region

About the concern of oil of Kurdistan Region and its policies concerning the oil Asia Press had an interview of which main points follow:

 Relating how to commence the oil works Dabbagh said at the time of Saddam Hussein there was only one active oil center in Kurdistan and for some reasons he blocked all oil wells of Kurdistan Region by concrete. After his withdraw Kurdish activists reopened them by exploding the concrete and tried oil economy enjoyed good advances.

In a response to a question about being obedient of Kurdistan Region to Iraq codes while stating the ups and downs of the relations between KRG and central government. Dabbagh Said: we considered the constitution of Iraq according which we could provide the budget of the Region. When the Iraq government cut the budget of the Region, before that we have come to conclusion to export the oil through the present oil pipes stretching from Kurdistan to Turkey and this way the production of oil will reach 550 thousand barrels a day. Today the oil map of the world has laid on Kurdistan Region and Kurdistan of Iraq will draw this map. In addition dealing with the potentials of Iran to import oil from Kurdistan specially to export oil to Kermanshah and its being delivered in another place Dabbagh said they to export oil they are joined to Jeyhan port in Turkey and we export 200 thousand oil barrels through this way. He added; in my opinion the policy come from the oil pipelines and now if we could not export oil to the world we would not have this place. Presently we are observing the descendant of the oil price from $100 to $60 we witness that policy has entered it. There is no world war not export oil.

After explicitly stating that in oil policy we are obedient to the Region interests Dabbagh said: according to the constitution of Iraq we work, those cases I primarily mentioned relate to the Iraq government. According to this we decide and never interfere, therefore if we have an independent government we will talk then what policy should we take to Russia, USA or even Iran.  

About the outcome of Erbil-Baghdad in recent days he said: we have come to an agreement to continue this bilateral negotiation. At the beginning we will export 250 thousand oil barrels from the Region as well as 350 thousand from Kirkuk. In addition $1 billion dollars from oil income has been assigned to Pishmerga forces to defend till devote one of its actions to preserve oil fields. 




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