Nazem Dabbagh Talk with Mizan News: the Job of Sepah in Iraq is Logistical and Consultative/ ISIS about to withdraw from Kubani

Mizan News Agency: the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran deemed our country’s helps greatly influential and in time and said: the majority of these helps were logistical and consultative on the behalf of Sepah Pasdaran. Nazem Dabbagh in a talk with political reporter of Mizan relating to the role of the new government of Iraq about fighting ISIS stated: the new government of Iraq regarding the useful and on time moves in recent weeks has expressed its ability to solve the problems and concerns specially fighting ISIS.

  He added: undoubtedly the formation of a comprehensive and cooperative government in Iraq is beneficial to all tribal and political groups in Iraq, and this can help all groups getting involved in fighting ISIS. He continued that: the government of authorities of Turkey has not got any definite and specific definition of ISIS, and as of a yet has not taken any stable and useful position about it.


Dabbagh added that the field changes in Kurdish regions of Kubani are getting better and said: in recent days up to 100 villages around Kubani have been swept out of terrorists which represents their weaknesses and withdraw from Kubani.


Nazem Dabbagh emphasized: this is only Iraqis that can construct their fortune and thus to form a coalition to fight terrorists in Iraq without them is nonsense. He considered former government’s mismanagement of Iraq in the field of policy and security as the current situation and added: presently more than one third of Iraq is taken under ISIS’s control representing the depth of the former government inefficiency. At last the representative of Kurdistan region of Iraq in Iran again deemed Iran’s role so decisive and on time and appreciated as mentioning other countries’ helps to Iraq to fight ISIS.









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