Nazem Dabbagh Put in a Special Talk with Etemad/ We Expect Promises to be Met

The pavilion of Etemad press in the publication exhibition had an international guest. Mr. Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran continuously having clear and sharp literature in analyzing the conditions of Iraq as presenting in the pavilion of

Etemad in a short talk proceeded with describing the conditions of Iraq after the new government having formed, the practical positions of fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as analyzing the recent political moves in the crisis of Syria as followed:

In Dabbagh’s view Kurdish, Iraqi and Arabian political leaders’ endeavors was effective. The new government was formed by the participation of powerful Sunni, Kurdish and Shia personifications and that is why a new stage has occurred in Iraq policy-making and peaceful power-transition. Therefore these positive political accomplishments must be accompanied with thought-changing. New political thought should represent itself in political-administrative policy-making.

About hopeful results of bilateral negotiations Dabbagh said: in spite of visiting authorities and leaders and Fuad Masum himself in special, the president of Iraq, as of a yet the negotiations have not gained any result though. He continued that the KRG does follow constitute of Iraq and the promises being made and to solve the problems cording this. Therefore unfortunately after two months we did not observed the useful results. About the promises neglected by Baghdad government he added: the problems will be solved at some points; 1- the oil regulation 2- Pishmerga regulations 3- the article 140 and 4- the regulations of the relations between KRG and Iraqi United government. Seemingly to solve each problems it was agreed to do so within three months but for the article 140 four months. Therefore after two months nothing special has happened. He considered the root of this crisis in mismanagement of former government of Iraq.

In a response to a question about the lack of equal opportunity among the Region’s forces to exploit international aids according to the policy of Kurdistan Region and of the secretary of Iraq there is the necessary synchronization or else they could fight ISIS. Finally, concerning the Kubani news, Dabbagh said: the condition of Kubani has greatly varied when Pishmerga forces joined it and ISIS have been obliged to withdraw which surly have resulted from the people of the region specially Kubanian women.






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