Nazem Dabbagh Visit the Pavilion of Dana News Agency in Media Exhibition: It must Expected ISIS to be destroyed soon

Nazem Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran mentioning the conditions of Iraq said of ISIS to stay in this country.

According to the report of Dana News Agency Strategic Group (Dana News) the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq in the response to question that why as new government if Iraq has been formed, no special move has not been made to react ISIS said: the concern of ISIS is not just for today, but it has a root in the past. The appearance of ISIS is a result and till the causes occur ISIS will remain. It is not just Shia or Kurds to be able to fight against ISIS. Now in Iraq, in practice, there has been tribal struggling. This group will be vanished only if the Sunnites of Iraq has a serious participation in it.

About Haydar Al-Ebadi’s government he said: something important that has happened is the outstanding presence of Sunni beside Shia and Kurds in his government and the condition of Sunni has got better. But notice that this participation is the first step and the presence of them in the Army is the next. About the future of ISIS he said: in my opinion ISIS will not be vanished soon as it may get smaller.    






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