Concerning Iraq changes as ISIS attacking Mosul and the relations between Kurdistan Region of Iraq and central government, Jahan San-at Press have had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Iran of which details follow:

 In a response to a question relating to the results of ISIS’s attack on oil affairs of Kurdsitan Region Dabbagh said: these attacks have not impressed such affairs but oil exportation market of the Region that has caused oil selling to be descended. Nevertheless he said that oil transferring pipes of the Region to Turkey are under the control of our forces.

Relating the discarding paying the budget from central government he said the policy was adopted by Mr. Maliki. Thus with Kurds’ tolerance we have been able to export oil and paid stuff’s salaries. However with the formation of new government good measures have been taken and the concern of the budget of the Region will be solved.

About oil exports by ISIS to Turkey he added that Turkey not only does not play any role to suppress but it also on the basis of some media it has had cooperation with ISIS. The oil wells presently taken under control by ISIS, in fact belong to Iraq not the Region. Concerning how to export oil by ISIS I have no information, nevertheless it is the border between ISIS and Turkey, namely, the border through which ISIS can export oil belongs to Turkey. Relating to Turkey’s policy to the current crisis of Iraq he continued that Turkeys activities are accompanied both with security respect and religious as well as economy. He added that Turkey indeed is hatching a plot which has been designed just the same as to recover the Osmania’s emperor I already mentioned. Therefore in my view both actions by Turkey are negative and mistake, one is to destroy the negotiation and peace with Kurds of Turkey and another is to cooperate with ISIS. ISIS is just a phenomenon which is the symbol of terrorism. He said European countries for such concerns as human rights cannot prevent their citizens from joining ISIS.






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