For Supporting Shangal and Kubanie Pepole Nazem Dabbagh Appreciated Seyyed Ali Salehi

ANA Press: according the report of ANA press and of Kurdistan Region Office of Iraq in Iran, the representative of KRG in Iran accompanied by several people from Negara Press of Kurd came to visit Seyyed Ali Salehi, the famous Iranian poet yesterday and appreciated his spiritual support from Iraqi and Syrian Kurds.

  After ISIS’s attack to Kurds of Iraq and Syria, Seyyed Ali Salehi made hid poets ‘’Till Shangal  ’’, a lament for Shangal   Kurds, ‘’ With Kubanian Mothers” and “Oppression of Kubanie” for Kubanian Kurds resisting in Kubani as well as “The Uncle of Rains” for Jalal Talibani public. In this visit Seyyed Ali Salehi reminding some memories of his journey to Kurdistan and his relations with Kurds of Iran Iraq astonished Kubani resistance. In addition after an analysis of how ISIS appears and some regional countries affected in forming this terrorist group praised his support from Kurds resistance against ISIS and as the representative of Kurdish people gave him one of the crafts of Kurdistan of Iraq.

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