Nazem Dabbagh Talk with Mizan News Agency: the Role of Sepah in Iraq is Consultative and Logistic/ ISIS Withdrawing Kubani

Mizan News Agency: the representative of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq in Tehran deemed Iran’s aid to Iraqi nation and state so effective and on time and said: the majority of this aids were logistical and military consultation held by Sepah. Nazem Dabbagh in the talk with political reporter of Mizan News Agency about the role of new government of Iraq in fight with ISIS stated: new government of Iraq regarding the useful and on time actions in recent weeks has expressed his ability to find a solution for problems and difficulties ahead specially fighting ISIS. Dabbagh added: obviously to form a comprehensive and cooperative is a benefit to political and minor groups of Iraq and this can help all engaged groups in the fight against ISIS. 

Concerning Turkey policy for ISIS, Dabbagh said Turkish state and authorities have never offered any definite and clear definition for ISIS and also they has not taken any stable and true position for this. Meanwhile he added: although the recent action of Turkey allowing supportive forces to help Kubani region can be considered effective. 


The representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran considered continuing field changes in the Kurdish region of Kubani as developing and said: in recent days up to 100 villages around Kubani are emptied from ISIS terrorists indicating their weakness and withdraw in Kubani. Eventually he deemed a coalition against ISIS nonsense without Iraq government. 




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