Kurdish Official Dismisses Complete Pull-out by US

TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States will not pull out all its troops from Iraq, rather they intend to change their deployment method in the country, representative of Iraq's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Party said on Sunday.



"According to the agreement (with Iraqi government), the Americans will remain in Iraq until 2011 and their continued presence after then would depend on future agreements," Nazem Dabbaq told FNA.

US forces on June 30 pulled out of Iraq's towns and cities, marking the first step in the evacuation of around 130,000 troops currently serving in Iraq, but Washington has never announced if it would pull out every member of its current build up in the Middle-Eastern country.

Asked about negotiations between the US and the officials of the Kurdistan region over building a military base for the US forces, Dabbaq reiterated that Kurdistan is submissive to the central government in Baghdad and its policies move in harmony with the international regulations and Iraq's Constitution.

Elsewhere, he referred to the freedom of Iranian diplomats abducted by the US forces in 2007 and their handover to the Iraqi government, and said the close relations between the two countries resulted in their release.

US forces on January 11, 2007 broke into the Iranian consulate in the Kurdish city of Arbil, and seized the consulate's computers, documents and staff.

Baqer Qabishavi, Majid Qaemi Heidari, Abbas Hatami Kasavand, Mahmoud Farhadi and Majid Daqari were handed over to the Iranian embassy in Baghdad on July 9 after almost two and a half years of incarceration
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