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Thursday, 06 Aug 2015

 Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Region will not welcome arms establishment, but the strength of Pishmerga according to defensive system of Iraq.

In talk with the international reporter of Ana news agency concerning Kurdistan Region’s position against American Congress’s plan based on arming Pishmerga and Sunni tribes of Iraq opposed by national officials and organizations of the country including the Prime Minister and Parliament and described it as a plan to separate Iraq, Nazem Dabbagh Said: the Region will welcome this matter and plan.

He added: Iraq has to always be Iraq and have an equal look at all groups especially at Pishmerga. He continued: the Region is getting into a daily fight with ISIS and it was the only area relying upon Pishmerga which released areas occupied by ISIS.

Dabbagh said: According to the Constitution of Iraq, today Pishmerga has to be a part of the defensive system of the country, namely, all military financial and consultative help being delivered to Iraq have to be assigned to Pishmerga as well.

Mentioning the recent plan of America Congress he said: this military help and arming Kurdish and Sunni forces are according to the Constitution of Iraq. Of course this plan and military help to Pishmerga are conditioned.

About explaining of Congress plan he added: if Iraqi government does not give a part of delivered aids to Pishmerga, Americans will do this directly and we welcome this plan. However before America’s direct help we accept Iraq government considers all rights of Pishmerga according to the Constitution.

The representative of Kurdistan Region in Iran stated: Pishmerga are strong forces and protect the borders of the Region, so it has to be deemed as the defense system of Iraq.

He said: the Congress plan mentioned these concerns and made its military aids conditional upon that if central government of Iraq does not put Pishmerga in its defense-military filed, the USA will give these aids to them.

In a response to question whether this plan tends to separate Iraq or not Dabbagh said: if central government follows the Constitiute, it will help to strength Iraq; whereas Pishmerga needs foreign helps to fight against Terrorists.

He insisted: Kurdistan Region does not welcome the establishment but strength Pishmerga according to defense system of Iraq.

About the possibility of Iran opposition to this plan he added: I do insist the aids of this plan are conditioned and if Iraqi government is obedient to the Constitution, there will be no need to the USA direct help to Pishmerga.

He stated: Iran delivered military consultative aids to KRG, so Iraq government also ought to perform its duty.

Finally the representative of KRG in Tehran said: the being conditional of the USA’s plans has to be considered specially. Unfortunately it has not been yet.         



Friday, 07 Aug 2015

The growth of terrorist groups in the Middle East has caused new blocking in the region, to study this matter, Mahdi Elyasi, the Ghanun Press Reporter, had a talk with Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG, of which the main points as followed:


Mr. Dabbagh knows ISIS as an obvious instance of terrorist group without government in the Middle East. In his view ISIS has not been given birth today, in spite of being about to be weakened, it will not be vanished; even if it vanishes, other groups with such features and with Salafi attitude will substitute for it. Dabbagh believes this concern has caused security matters to change to the most important priorities of the governments in the region. In his opinion the growth of terrorist has been created in the atmosphere of government’s weakness, whereas security affairs are not controlled by a definite organization. He continued that they along with their friends could release 95% of occupied areas.

In a response to a question Dabbagh said following the events happened in the region, not only Arabian spring was not created but also winter happened instead. He added that if ISIS gets defeated, it will come to power somewhere else. Dabbagh replied to a question that the same position, the lack of a united and concentrated leadership over affairs, also exist in Kurdistan as in other countries.

 Relating the necessity of forming a military unity against terrorist groups, Dabbagh said: the events in the region will not take place merely in a geographical area, in addition it should be studied what effects it may have in the future. Unfortunately today we see that when a security problem happens to a country of the region, the neighbors think they have been the winner in their policies. They do not guess if a terrorist group wins in country, what will happen next.

In my view the condition after Iran and the West agreement will change greatly that can be changed to a real spring to establish security and welfare inregion.

In a reply to an important question concerning the condition of Kurdistan Region in regional alliances, Dabbagh said: in the region there are four powers Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, therefore, blocs in the region have formed around Shia Iran and its opposition Turkey-Arabia. Kurdistan Region’s policy of Iraq in this condition is firstly to preserve its benefits according to the Constitutes of Iraq, that is, our policy should be somehow agreed with the policy of central government of Iraq. Secondly according to Kurds the benefit is to establish security and welfare around them.

On the subjects of Iran and Turkey’s relations in spite of regional competence, of Iran and six powers’ nuclear agreement and of the Kurdish security concern in Iran and Turkey Dabbagh declared that: During the history of Kurdish movement in Iraq, we have been looking for and spreading our rights. We have taken this policy to other Kurds of the region. We have not taken any measure against Kurds of other countries; furthermore we will not support other Kurdish groups’ actions against regional countries. That is why that we have and will not allow both sides to use our land against each other. By this policy we have been able to keep welfare of our border with Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Concerning the positions of KRG of Iraq relating Turkish government and Kurds negotiations Dabbagh said that KRG of Iraq will support any approach leading to peace and agreement, if there is no so, it tries to create, since peace is beneficial to Kurds.             

Thursday, 09 Jul 2015

Aria News Agency- Nazem Dabbagh the representative of Kurdistan Regional of Iraq in Iran insisted on the preparedness of the army and people to confront with terrorist groups. He added: the triumph of Iraq army over ISIS group in the freed regions including Tikrit was for the participation of all forces and groups of Iraq. Dabbagh continued: people forces and Iraq army have the ability to fight against ISIS. He declared: the role of Shia authorities on the changes in Iraq to create unity and collaboration was effective and successful.  







Saturday, 06 Jun 2015

Iran-Farda Weekly concerning the disability of ISIS to occupy Kubani by Kurdish women and men’s brave resistance had an interview with Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran, of which the main lines follow:

About the fortune of Syrian Kurds during history Dabbagh said that Kurds was put between two emperors of Ottoman and Abbasside and got divided into four groups after ottoman’s fall. While Syrian Kurds had not the right of citizen, there was no choice to resist and confront with central government. Some of them abandoned their homes migrated to other countries. Therefore, Syrian Kurds have been affected by P.K.K group believed to form a Kurdish government in all Kurdish regions of the Middle East.

In his view, before Ocalan, the leader of P.K.K, captured Syrian Kurds had not that freedom of action. He also believes that Bashar Assad’s rude behavior toward Muslim-Brotherhood and Slafi caused them to be united. The next matter relating to Syria was the foreign interference that was generally made by the regional countries. Thus, it was in such atmosphere that Kurds with the record of fighting could after while grew fairly independent from central government. When the oppositions against Bashar Assad started Kurds decided to be neutral, since they did not know which side would defend their rights. Following changes indicated that these doubts were true and pertinent. Dabbagh believes Kubani was surrounded through three parts of which by ISIS and one led to Turkey borders, namely, it was like an island in ISIS’s dominion. Turkey stimulated ISIS to attack this town, whereas it is an important point for KRG of Iraq. Infact Kubani is the part of those regions that some Arabian rulers, Ba’ath in especial, wanted to eliminate it from non-Arabians. He said it was due to this resistance that Kubani turned to be the reputation for Kurds. Had it fallen, the secrecy of their resistance would, too.


About the participation of women in the resistance against ISIS Dabbagh said: they for some reasons have had effective role in Kurdish triumph. Firstly there were many of them in the regions where Pishmergas were fighting. Indeed they were in the confluence spot of Kurds and governments. Like Mrs. Hiru Ibrahim, Mr. Jalal Talibani’s wife, always accompany him in the process of resistance. But Kubane was the scene that women were directly fighting, since when inhumanity increase, so does the resistance.


Saturday, 06 Jun 2015

When Saddam ruling Iraq Ba’athists were on power. There were thoughts of Ba’ath party growing and in Syria also Salafist and Takfirist got united as a special organization; those thoughts of Ba’ath dominated this unity and caused a singularity between terrorists and Syria and called themselves “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham”, namely, ISIS. The representative of Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, describing the reasons and roots of the formation of ISIS terrorists group, considered the coalition against terrorists as a pretext to reenter Iraq. He believes that the USA has experienced three strategies to enter Iraq: the first experience was Persian Gulf War against Saddam, the second was getting out the Nuri Al-Maliki from Iraq and the third was to attack ISIS.

Nazem Omar Dabbagh the representative of KRG of Iraq in Iran in talk with ILNA News Agency reporter, about the hidden goals of ISIS to appear said: ISIS is not something to emerge suddenly but there were factors to support ISIS and there was an atmosphere in which it could grow. In Syria and Iraq this appropriate atmosphere was prepared. Emphasizing that in the history such concerns are obviously mentioned he added as Justice and Development party coming to power in Turkey, it has formed especial closeness between this country with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Relating bombing ISIS positions by America he said ILNA: it is benefit to America to use air raid rather than disembarking his forces to reduce expenditures since in his view. America public reflections cannot accept their soldiers to be killed in Iraq.

Dabbagh shortened Turkey’s policy change in two cases. The first is to take advantage by letting medicines and altruism aids pass from his country and the second was that through being a member of NATO and accepting some commitments and being asked by the members to make his role against ISIS clear he had to change his policy. In addition he believes that some countries allied with America in fight against ISIS also support this group have vague role. Stating that the coalition and allying to uproot ISIS in the region have to be serious Dabbagh said: to vanish ISIS in the region this group must be destroyed to the core like to cut the financial and human resources and stop supporting it.






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