Nazem Dabbagh in Talk with Mersaad News: Russians Are Wiping out ISIS Infrastructure Place by Place/ ISIS, the Enemy of Humanity and Civilization

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of KRG in Iran, taking with international reporter of Mersaad News Transmission about Baghdad which has asked Moscow to present in Iraq to fight against ISIS, stated: fighting against ISIS for KRG is a priority over everything, since ISIS is the enemy of humanity and civilization, not merely the enemy of a group or special people. He added: since the heading of our jobs is to wipe out ISIS, we welcome any government to enter on fighting it.


Dabbagh said: now Pishmerga are cooperating with Iraqi army to remove ISIS, for we know ISIS as a national concern. The representative of KR of Iraq in Iran stated: if the policy of the government of Iraq is enter Russia or any other force on fighting ISIS, we agree with this and Pishmerga will also fight against ISIS along with them. 

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